At our conference hosted by Befaş and Schneider at the Bursa Podium Park Invitation Hall with 53 companies and 103 participants and where our teacher Gürcan Banger took part as a speaker with his books and experience on Industry 4.0, our lecturer Gürcan Banger gave his speech. You can watch it from our Youtube channel , or from the videos below.

Gürcan Banger;

Banger’s professional area of ​​expertise is computerized control, who completed his undergraduate and graduate studies at the Middle East Technical University, Department of Electrical Engineering. He has around 30 copyrighted and translation publications on energy, engineering, computer, software and politics. He has presented many papers in scientific congresses and symposiums on subjects such as energy, civil society and urban development. He has made programs on scientific, social and cultural subjects on local radio and TV channels. He writes non-stop daily columns in a local newspaper named Anadolu, published in Eskişehir. He received the Social Ethics Award given at the national level in the local press branch in 2006 with his newspaper articles. Banger, who served as general clerk and general accountant in the TMMOB (Chamber of Electrical Engineers of Turkey) Headquarters, has been a council and board member in Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce. He is the founder and member of Eskişehir Development Foundation (EGEV). He is one of the founders of Eskişehir Civil Local Formation (ESYO), which is a communication network and capacity building platform. He is the partner of two computer companies and the founder and project consultant of a corporate consulting-training company. He also serves as the board consultant of Sarar Group of Companies. He has taught part-time lectures on system analysis, computer hardware and software, and professional foreign languages ​​at universities in Eskişehir for about 15 years.