As BEFAŞ, we always give importance to innovative ideas. We want to be a company that keeps the commercial rules of the changing world and proposes new rules. We would like to share our new business plan with you that we have developed for this purpose. We would like to organize the sales of your products that stays idle and unused in your stock, which appear as unnecessary stock costs in your inventory every year, occupy unnecessary space in your warehouse, increase your building costs and thus your hidden costs. We hope that we will hereby to contribute reducing your unnecessary costs.

How do we work?

The parts that we sell in Nasreddin’s Cauldron website may be in different situations.

Repaired parts

Some of the spare parts in our stock have been repaired. In the query results, the status field clearly indicates that the part has been repaired.

Used parts

These parts were used by the original owner but are functionally working. It is not damaged and has not been repaired. There is no original packaging.

New parts but without original packaging

The packaging of these parts has been lost as they enter our suppliers’ stock, but the parts themselves have never been used.

New parts in original packaging

Parts in their original packages that have not been attached to any machine and have not been used fall into this group.

New parts from the vendor

They are the parts in their original packaging, unopened and under the warranty of the seller.

Repair service

Faulty electrical & electronical machine parts are repaired.

What are we doing?

As Befaş Mechatronics, we provide project-based solutions, automation systems installation, commissioning and service to companies that we supply materials.

You can visit Befaş Mechatronics website to get more information about the activities of Befaş Mechatronics and to contact us.